Church Roof Repair & Installation

Are you responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of a church roof? Many churches can be historic properties or heritage-listed buildings and they need special care and attention. They can be much older than normal properties.

Church roofs can be made of different items, such as slate and shingle or lead-coated copper. Other materials can be used in construction such as stainless steel and zinc. Church Roof Repair & Installation should only ever be carried out by a specialist company. If you hire someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience, this could prove an extraordinarily costly error. Even if it is a newer roof, it could have used products like shingle. A church roof often has different parts; on part could be a flat roof, another a turret or tower or a pitched area.

If your church has a pitched roof that needs repair, then contact someone with a specific set of skills in order to get it fixed properly. It requires more skill and attention than a normal roof. Very tall churches also come with their own difficulties, due to the height and the pitch of the roof.

Church roofs are susceptible to damage for a number of reasons. Firstly, because they are usually older. If it has a tall steeple, it could be more likely to be damaged in a storm. Mold can cause problems and even wildlife can act as a destructive force in roofing. Leaks can go unnoticed initially because people don’t live in churches. A leak that hasn’t been seen can be very bad news for a church.

Finding a Roof Company With The Correct Skills

It is never a good idea to attempt to patch up a church roof yourself, regardless of how small the problem seems. Firstly, it could be very dangerous and secondly, you could do more damage than good.

Look for a company that has experience, not just with roofs, but actually churches or older buildings. They will know how to handle the installation or repair of your church roof. You could contact your local civic office for some recommendations. Or, reach out to other churches in the area and find out who looks after their roof.  Really, you want someone with a proven track record and years in the business of special roofs.

Fortunately, it is becoming easier to find trustworthy companies these days, as social media spreads the word about any dodgy contractors very quickly. You can also find reviews online. A quick search in your local community, or on boards about your local community will let you know who has a good reputation.

Look for a contractor who has a good presence. They should be professional in all their dealings, from their workers wearing the right protective equipment to being knowledgeable about different roof types and materials. Church roof installation companies should be able to advise you on budget and timings straight away if they have plenty of experience. You want someone to do the job right, on the first go.