As a homeowner, you want to ensure your property remains in the best condition possible. Of course, over time, minor repairs like a new coat of paint, window screens, or flooring tiles are needed. But how do you handle needing a new roof? Consider using eco-friendly material like a rubber roof. The rubber slate roofing tiles repair & installation process is simple and comes with the benefits of lighter material on the roof and longer-lasting tiles.

Rubber slate roofing tiles are constructed of recycled materials and perfect for creating a beautiful exterior on your flat or pitched roof. Installing or repairing the tiles is easy if you want to do it yourself, but for the best results hiring a professional roofer is necessary. Choose a clear day with minimal wind for installing or repairing. Make sure the contractor has access to the roof, and it is clear of debris.

The rubber slate roofing tiles are applied after the previous shingles get removed, according to Home Advancement. The correct measurements of the roof, including a chimney, need to be calculated. Check the decking and make sure it is free of dirt or dust. Unroll the rubber roof, cut the edges when needed, and flatten air bubbles.

When the roof is pitched, complete the previously mentioned steps. Then apply the water and ice shield by rolling it onto one side of the roof and nail it down. Next, the tar paper gets installed with a staple gun over the roof. Now the rubber roof slate roofing tiles are installed. Afterward, the flashing is attached to the seams or joints.

How Do You Locate a Rubber Slate Roofing Tiles Contractor?

But before you get to enjoy the advantages of rubber slate roofing tiles, you need to search for a contractor. An excellent way to begin your search is to speak to friends and relatives. People happy with the results of their contractors usually give referrals. The same is true if someone is unhappy with a contractor. Visiting a home improvement store might lead to finding a contractor.

If you use an electrician or plumber, ask if they have a referral to give. Contractors often work off of referrals from other contractors. However, you may need to check with your homeowner’s association before replacing your roof. The HOA may require the use of a specific type of roofing material and they might have the number of a few contractors to contact.

After you’ve asked around, it is time to search online. You can conduct a quick search for local contractors. But using an online directory like Slate Roofing Contractors Association of North America Inc. might guide you in the right direction. Or searching the Better Business Bureau could help locate a roofer to suit your needs.

Once you’ve concluded, your online search composes a list of potential rubber slate roofing tiles contractors to contact to discuss the project.