Slate Roofing Tiles Repair & Installation

Are you worried that your slate roofing tiles are in need of repair or that you will need new ones installed soon? Luckily, if you have a slate roof, the chances of needing it completely replaced are slim.

If you are looking to replace your current roof with a slate roof, you should know that they are a bit more expensive than using wood, metal, or asphalt.

Installing a slate roof can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks with the variations coming from the size and pitch of your roof. Obviously, a larger roof with a higher pitch will be more expensive; but the type of slate you use (hard, soft, recycled) will also make a difference in your price.

Typically, a slate roof will last around 60-125 years but this doesn’t mean the structure won’t need repairs from time to time. The most common repairs that slate roofs require is simply replacing cracked shingles.

The other type of repairs that slate roofs tend to require involves the flashing – or the sealant that keeps water from leaking into your home. This will require the slate tiles to be removed, then the flashing. Once the old flashing is gone, the new sealant is added and then the slate tiles are replaced.

It is important to remember that slate roofs don’t need to be replaced as often as roofs made of other materials. Many companies will try to convince you that a repair on an older slate roof isn’t worth the cost – but this is usually far from the truth!

Find a Company to Install or Repair Slate Roofing Tiles

As mentioned, some less than honest roofing companies may try to convince you to replace a slate roof well before it is needed. They may do this because they are deliberately trying to fool you or do not realize the durability of slate roofing tiles.

Before hiring any roofing company, be sure to read reviews and ask for referrals. Call the company and find out if they are familiar with slate roofing tiles repair & installation. If they sound unsure or seem to give a longwinded spiel that completely avoids the question, reconsider using that contractor.

Opt to use a local slate roofing company that has a great reputation in your area. This means avoid companies that don’t have a good reputation in your area, aren’t established, or are unlicensed handymen. Also, now is not the time to take your friend up on helping around the house!

When you’ve found a company or two that has the capability of repairing your slate roof, ask for written estimates. An overly low price is as big of a red flag as an extremely high one–both of which can be indicators of a scam.

Finally, meet with the roofing contractor you’ve decided on. Determine all of the requirements before any work begins; details like clean up and completion timeframes are important and will help both parties to fulfill all expectations.