Solar Roofing Tiles Repair & Installation

There are a couple of things that you should consider before having solar panels installed on your roof. One of the biggest ones being, can your roof support it? If your roof is covered in shade most of the time then solar panels aren’t going to be worth it for you.

You’ll want to take care of any roof repairs before you have the panels put on and make sure that your roof has enough room to accommodate the panels. There is also the manner of the grid: you need to consider how you’re going to hook up to it.

There is very little maintenance that you have to do on solar panels once they are on your roof. They’re pretty durable but they aren’t invulnerable to cracks, breaks, and loose connections. These are the most common issues that you will run into with them.

A broken glass panel will cost you anywhere between 20 dollars to 350. It depends if a bucket of epoxy can handle the problem or if you would need a brand new panel altogether.

A cracked panel can cost you anywhere up to 400 dollars in repairs and labor fees. It depends on how bad the crack is. If they have to replace the entire thing then it will cost you a few hundred and if not then you’ll only have to cover the repair fee. Connection problems are a simple fix and only cost about 100 for the repair fee.

Finding a Solar Roofing Tiles Repair & Installation Company

Once you’ve decided to go forward with the installation process it’s time to choose a solar roofing tiles repair & installation company. To begin get an entire list of possible companies together and ready to go. Create a word document and write down as many details as you possibly can about each company in your area. This will help you compare them later.

When you’re choosing a company you’ll have two choices. You can go with a local installer or a national one. There are pros and cons to each one. A national company can give you better warranties and they have payment plan options that local companies won’t have. The benefit of local companies is that they are more familiar with the rebates and permitting rules in your state.

Once you’ve got a list going and have decided if you’re going with a local or national company, it’s time to start checking credentials. To do this, take out your smart device or head to your computer and look at websites. Check to see how long each company you’re considering has been in business. Try and find out how many solar roofing tiles they’ve installed. Most companies will have a complete list of their credentials on their website too.  If they don’t then they will list them to you on the phone if you ask.

A company could do the best job in the world but if their customer service isn’t the best then you won’t have a good experience. Check reviews to find out what their other customers are saying.