Stone-coated steel Roofing Tiles Repair & Installation

According to the Congressional Budget Office, annual household losses due to hurricane winds and flooding is between $34 and $54 billion. One of the best ways to prevent loss is to ensure you have a strong roof. Investing in stone-coated steel roofing tiles may give you exactly what you’re looking for. To give you a good sense of what’s involved in using this material, let’s go over the Stone-coated steel Roofing Tiles Repair & Installation process.

When installing stone-coated steel tiles, roofing professionals will first need to prep the roof deck. Steel tiles are can be placed over wooden planks or plywood. They can even be placed over existing shingles, however, a professional will most likely opt to remove old roofing materials first. The next step involves placing an underlay on top of the roof decking. This material works to prevent condensation that could lead to wood rot. Next, the flashing and trim are installed using galvanized nails. This is done to direct water away from certain areas of the roof. Finally, the stone-coated steel tiles are installed on the roof.

While stone-coated steel roofing tiles are typically maintenance-free, there are a few situations that could require repairs. Sometimes the stone coating can start to come off in places. This is a simple cosmetic issue that can be fixed quickly. If tiles were installed improperly or the wrong nails were used, they may pop off. A professional will need to anchor them using the right materials. Finally, the tiles may become bent during harsh weather. This is a simple fix that requires either replacing the tile or anchoring it down.

Finding a Contractor for Stone-Coated Steel Roofing Tiles

If you currently have stone-coated steel roofing tiles or are thinking of adding them to your home, you need to work with a contractor who specializes in both installation and repair. Working with these tiles is different than asphalt shingles, clay, or concrete. It requires the right tools along with experience. Hiring someone who’s only worked with traditional tiles could result in a subpar product that costs you money down the road.

When searching for the right contractor in your area, it helps to check out their website. This may give you some indication of how long they’ve been repairing and installing stone-coated steel roofing tiles. Look for certifications and accreditations to ensure they’re licensed. If you can’t find any of this information, give them a call and ask. A reputable contractor won’t mind talking to you about these things.

You should also look at a portfolio of their work. Furthermore, it can’t hurt to drive by homes they’ve done installations on to inspect the quality. You may even want to ask for references and ask them how satisfied they were with the contractor.  This is much better than going on blind faith.

Finally, you’ll want to get several quotes before you decide on a contractor for the job. Make sure you understand what the industry standard is for stone-coated steel roofing installation or repair. You need to work with someone who charges competitive rates. Beware of contractors who provide unusually low quotes. They may be trying to reel you in with the price because they don’t have the right experience or know-how.