Warehouse Roof Repairs & Installation

Does your company own a warehouse? If so, when was the last time you thought about warehouse roof repairs & installation? There is a high probability that your roof is made from thermoplastic olefin. This material is great for commercial roofing because it can last for 20+ years. However, there are multiple types of materials that may be used to cover your building.

Although all types of materials are rated for decades, it is important to know when to repair or replace them. Failing to make roof repairs when needed can cause the problem to grow from a small cost to a major one.

Obviously, one of the signs that your warehouse roof needs repair is water leaks or visible damage/cracks. Another sign that is often missed is rising energy costs, clogged roof drainage, and mold. When caught early enough, these issues can be repaired. When they become persistent, you will need to consider a new warehouse roof installation.

While warehouse roof repairs are less costly than replacements, sometimes an entire warehouse roof replacement is unavoidable. A roofing expert can help you determine what you may expect in this event. Typically, you will learn about the types of materials available, their cost, and how long the job will take.

You can expect a roof replacement to take a few days, with at least one day of strong smells (especially if you use asphalt) and a fair amount of noise. If your warehouse is also an office building, you may consider scheduling the replacement during non-working hours.

Finding a Warehouse Roof Contractor

In order to find the best warehouse roof repair & installation company, you will need to do a bit of research. First, ask for recommendations from friends and family. Second, research each of the recommendations online, as well as any other roofing companies that come to mind.

While researching, read some good and bad reviews. The good reviews can tell you what a company did well. However, what you should look for is how a company responds to a bad review. This will give you insight into how your problems might be handled, should they arise.

Once you’ve narrowed your list to 3-5 companies, call each one to ask for an estimate. They will likely send someone out to look at your warehouse roof, assess any damage, and help determine the correct materials for the job. Once you’ve received written estimates, you can begin making your decision.

It may seem obvious to go with the least expensive estimate. Some people automatically choose the most expensive option under the guise of, ‘you get what you pay for.’ A far lower estimate can mean that the company will nickel and dime you for every little item or find other problems to ‘fix.’

Ideally, you will find a middle ground that gives you a great roof for a great price. If you would like to save yourself some research, effort, and time, contact us for an honest estimate and a professional experience!