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how much to convert flat roof to pitched

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  5. how much to convert flat roof to pitched
Asked: 2019-08-04 15:49:57
I am so sick and tired of our current roof. All we've had is problems with this thing and it's past time for a change. We're hoping that we can convert our flat roof to a pitched one, but we're not positive this is a good idea. Does anyone have any idea how expensive a project like this would be?


Answered: 2019-08-04 17:38:27

Updating your flat roof to a pitched roof is a great decision. We did the same a few years ago and we haven't looked back. I will say that this is quite an expensive project. It was worth it, but we paid $20,000 to get the job done. For a more accurate estimate I'd definitely contact your local roofer to get started. Good luck!


Answered: 2019-08-06 14:08:53

Oh God, I hardly want to think about converting from a flat roof to a pitched roof. It was great for our home but it was so expensive. It cost us $25,000. Maybe you could get your project done for less, I suppose it depends on the size of your house and the current state of your roof. I hope you get it all sorted!


Answered: 2019-08-05 11:02:30

Making the switch from a flat roof to a pitched roof is one of the best choices we've made in our 30 years of living in our beloved house. It put a strain on our bank account for a hot minute, costing us $30,000, but I'm sure you could get it for less money depending on how big your house is and what roofing company you use. If you have a family member or friend who is good at roofing and able to cut you a deal, that might be the way to go.


Answered: 2019-08-05 20:16:06

There are a lot of flat and slightly sloped roofs on historic buildings and housings, as confirmed by the District of Columbia Historic Preservation.

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