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how to repair concrete roof

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  5. how to repair concrete roof
Asked: 2019-05-13 02:57:12
Hi all - I live in Arizona where concrete roofing is quite popular. We've been in our house for 10 years and unfortunately it's come to our attention that there's a few cracks in our roof and we need to fix them. Does anyone know how we could repair our concrete roof ourselves?


Answered: 2019-05-13 07:34:31

That's a bummer about your roof but I get it - ours was damaged last summer and my husband climbed a ladder to do the repairs. We have a local hardware store down the street and he had gone there and asked for the best concrete sealer to take care of the cracks and get our roof back into pristine quality. He just used this sealer and was really careful to get the cracks fixed without going overboard or causing other damage to our roof. If you keep these things in mind I think you'll be just fine with fixing your roof.


Answered: 2019-05-14 23:51:55

That's a bummer to hear about your roof - I know the pain as this happened to our concrete roof about 10 years ago. My husband got up and waterproofed the entire thing to help stop leaks, and I think that's a good idea for you too. If you run out of steam and need some professional help, I'd recommend hiring a local handyman who will do the job for a reasonable rate. That peace of mind is definitely worth it. The Department of Housing and Urban Development has a lot of great roofing resources online as well, particularly on concrete tiles, which I think you'd also find useful.


Answered: 2019-05-14 11:33:05

Roof repairs are important especially if you've noticed cracks on your roof. According to doityourself.com, one of the most important things you can do in the event of leaks on your concrete roof is waterproofing. I would treat this with a sense of urgency, because once you waterproof then you can protect against the present leaks and any other problem areas. Once you do that you need to look at getting the right materials to seal the roof and keep things moving along smoothly!


Answered: 2019-05-13 21:19:53

I've been a roofer for 30 years and I've installed and repaired countless concrete roofs in my lifetime. I find that the most successful repairs start with identifying exactly where the cracks or leaks are. These are the areas in which you need to focus. You don't want to make a bunch of changes to your roof and run the risk of more problems, so just stick to the areas with the cracks. Head to your local hardware store to buy the right filler and sealer, so that you can make these repairs and maintain the value of your home with a solid roof.


Answered: 2019-05-13 05:32:10

Ah, that's annoying about your roof but you're doing the right thing by getting it fixed sooner rather than later. It's easier than you may think to repair your roof - you just need the right materials and you need to be careful. You want to identify the exact locaion of the cracks and fill, seal and waterproof those spots with minimal disruption to the rest of your roof. If you do that you should be just fine.

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