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how to construct a pitched roof

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  5. how to construct a pitched roof
Asked: 2019-10-19 09:27:42
The hubby is planning a new addition to our home. This will be his man cave. We are in the stages of planning and want to know how to calculate the roof pitch we need?


Answered: 2019-10-20 02:54:17

Congrats on the home addition. From experience I have found establishing the roof pitch is pretty simple with a little guidance. I recently read this article that broke it down well. The link is description. I highly recommend it for the purpose of getting the right pitch calculations.


Answered: 2019-10-20 21:00:05

As a newbie myself, I understand about needing guidance. Different roof types have different pitch standards. These can be deviated some to fit the structure of your home or business. When I was building a new covered porch I came upon this site that I found very useful. Use this link to access it. description.


Answered: 2019-10-20 07:59:15

You are not alone! Most of what roofers have told me in the past sounded like gibberish. I would need to go home and research what was said just to understand. In my research I found a site that was useful. It is written by the International Association of Home Inspectors. description.


Answered: 2019-10-19 21:44:00

Learning curves are normal for the do it yourselfer. I found this article about roofing that was comically called roofing 101. After reading this, I felt more informed and capable of building a roof on my own. You can read the article at description. Good luck building your own roof!


Answered: 2019-10-20 23:26:19

Determining the right pitch for a covered porch depends on the pitch of the existing roof of your home. In my research the following article lays out what the minimum pitch should be quite well. I recommend reading this article t to help you. The link is description.

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