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how to build a modern flat roof extension

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  5. how to build a modern flat roof extension
Asked: 2019-12-26 14:04:08
I don't know much about roofs or any of the terms for roof stuff. So, I'm confused when a friend of mine was talking about building a modern flat roof extension. Do any of you all know how about some of the ways you can build a modern flat roof extension?


Answered: 2019-12-28 02:22:33

I was researching about how to build a modern flat extension and found this description which talks about how you can create a modern look by using bi-folding doors. These type of doors can be good for those who love the outdoors and you can also add multiple skylights. However, the only thing about flat roof extensions being more modern is that some of the materials used such as zinc and cladding can be a little more expensive.


Answered: 2019-12-28 10:01:01

You can build a flat roof extension to make room for an outdoor porch, extended indoor kitchen, or other room to bring more light in with skylights and other modern looking doors and windows. However, some people like to use zinc and cladding to make it more modern as well.


Answered: 2019-12-27 02:31:18

You can build modern flat roof extensions by adding skylights and light wells to create more light throughout the house and make it look contemporary and chic. You can also build on bi-folding doors that will make it more of a modern feel too. However, these extensions are more ideal for small structures like an extended outdoor or indoor porch.


Answered: 2019-12-27 12:38:53

You can build a roof terrace if you want with a flat roof extension. You might end up spending more money if you really want to make it more modern looking with materials like zinc and cladding. People can also put in skylights and light wells to bring in more sunlight and create a beautiful and lighted appearance.

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