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can you walk on a metal roof

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  5. can you walk on a metal roof
Asked: 2019-10-19 05:13:51
My husband likes to do things on his own. So, I wanted to know if you can walk on a metal roof? I might have to hire someone to do it for us, but getting some information on this will help him do the responsible thing. I hope.


Answered: 2019-10-20 10:48:14

If you walk on your metal roof, make sure to wear the right shoes. You don’t want to damage them with heavy boots or anything. Also, don’t step on any tree limbs or whatever could be hiding on your roof since it will probably damage the roof with your added weight against it.


Answered: 2019-10-19 12:40:26

I was curious about walking on metal roofs too. This site description says that you should always check your manufacturer’s advice on walking on whatever roof you have. For example, you can walk almost anywhere on standing seam roofing. You should also walk closer to the decking areas but avoid the laps and rib areas. You should also wear soft-soled shoes on the metal roofs to prevent unnecessary damage to the metal roof. Also, make sure you don’t grind against anything that could be on the roof since your weight could damage the roof.


Answered: 2019-10-20 00:42:48

You can walk on a metal roof. However, there are different types of metal roofs, so you should check your manufacturer to make sure you are walking in the areas you should. There are different areas to walk that are safer than others, however, no matter what type of roof you have, you should wear soft-soled shoes.


Answered: 2019-10-21 01:45:42

Yes, despite what people tell you, you can walk on the roof. As long as you follow directions from someone who has professional knowledge in it. You should always wear soft-soled shoes. However, you should also check your manufacturer’s advice on this kind of thing since there are different types of metal roofs.

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