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how to make concrete roof tiles at home

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  5. how to make concrete roof tiles at home
Asked: 2019-09-04 12:18:48
I am wanting to take on the task of making my own concrete roof tiles. I have dabbled in making clay tiles in the past. What is in concrete tiles?


Answered: 2019-09-06 01:24:23

What a cool touch to put on your new porch roof. It just so happens a few years ago a friend of mine did the same thing. She told me about this site she used to get information. The link is description. It is a home guide and is filled with great info.


Answered: 2019-09-06 10:56:57

Seeing something you made come together is an awesome feeling. It will be something you can be proud of for years and years. In order to make your own cement tiles you will need a mold. There is a great site that can help you. Look at description. Happy molding!


Answered: 2019-09-06 01:49:58

I am going to assume that these tiles will be used for an outdoor structure or a roof. If this is the case then my answer would be yes. The sealant is what will keep water from infiltrating the pores of the cement and break down the tile. A site to consider is description.


Answered: 2019-09-05 23:13:19

Ceramic tiles are very beautiful but they can be fragile. My husband and I just recently put cement tiles on our roof. In our research we found a site that opened our eyes. It is description. We learned by this article that our concrete tile roof would last longer than we would.


Answered: 2019-09-05 18:22:14

Making your own tiles is a big endeavor. I think it is pretty neat that you are wanting to do this. I too have dabbled in making clay tiles and in my research, I found this site to be of some help to you. The link is description. Enjoy!

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