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How to replace a flat roof with a pitched roof

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  5. How to replace a flat roof with a pitched roof
Asked: 2019-11-02 22:47:47
We moved into our flat-roofed home around 7 years ago and we're starting to get tired of leaks. I'd like to get a pitched roof, but I'm not sure how complicated that would be? Can anyone tell me?


Answered: 2019-11-04 18:51:50

It's a big project to be honest, and I called in the professionals for ours. You're basically getting an entire new roof. You need to be absolutely sure of every single element when you're doing this, and as well as making sure that you know what all the measurements are, safety is a huge part of it. Adding a pitch is not a simple job. Ours cost $30,000. I know the financial pain is difficult, but it's worth it to stop leaks all the time.


Answered: 2019-11-04 00:53:48

You could do it yourself if you're game. You'll have to do this when it's dry. Remove all of the old roofing materials first, including any plywood covering under the roofing materials. Tie the existing roof lumber to the new roof trusses. Apply a new sheath to the new roof. Lay tar paper over the entire span of the roof. There you go. You now have a pitch.


Answered: 2019-11-03 02:16:50

You could build a new roof on top of the existing one, but you'll have to check if the structure of your home can take that load. Many can't. If you want a whole new roof, then you will have to speak to a specialist company, and get one that has dealt with flat roofs before.


Answered: 2019-11-04 16:59:08

I would actually recommend putting an EPDM roofing membrane on. I'm not a roofer, but I do maintenance on houses and I've seen this work successfully for people who have had flat roofs. It also saves a considerable amount of money. If you have a little more money, then you could get a slight pitch built in. It can be done, but really, it's a job for those in the know.


Answered: 2019-11-03 06:17:24

If you're planning to do it yourself, then here's a helpful article. description It's written by an architect, so he knows his stuff. You will need quite a bit of expensive equipment and materials to make this work, but it can be done. I wish you all the best!

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