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can clay roof tiles be painted

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  5. can clay roof tiles be painted
Asked: 2019-05-11 16:43:41
We have clay roof tiles on our roof but they look a bit old and outdated. My husband suggested painting them. Has anyone painted clay roof tiles before and how did the process go? I'd love to do it but I don't want to ruin the roof we already have either. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


Answered: 2019-05-13 00:47:59

You can paint just about anything these days, clay roof tiles included! We actually painted ours a few years ago and it was a fairly straightforward process. We used primer and acryllic paint which was recommend to us by our friends at the local hardware store. I think it's your best bet to do the same thing. Good luck on your project!


Answered: 2019-05-12 03:48:33

Painting your roof tiles is a good idea if you want to update and refresh your home. Make sure you get primer, acrylic paint and sealer to complete this project and protect the integrity of your roof. You want your clay tiles to last for a long time, no matter what color they are!


Answered: 2019-05-12 23:27:48

There's an estimated 375,000 professional painters in the U.S. according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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