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how long does a foam roof last

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  5. how long does a foam roof last
Asked: 2019-07-13 08:28:38
I am in desperate need of a new roof due to recent storm damage. I have been researching multiple types of materials for this project and finding that there are far more options than I ever thought. I am considering having a foam roof installed but i want to make sure it will last as long as possible. How long does this type of roofing material typically last?


Answered: 2019-07-14 15:55:20

I had a foam roof installed on my business and found that it only lasted about 10 years. I had nothing but problems with it and found that it always leaked. Definitely don’t expect a foam roof to last as long as people say they do because it isn’t always true. Plus, an installer is definitely going to lie to you about how long the roof lasts so that you have to call for a new one.


Answered: 2019-07-14 21:15:14

Generally speaking, you can expect your foam roof to last around 25-35 years from what i read on description. The actual length of time that your roof stays in good condition will depend on how well you maintain it, the weather/climate and if there is a lot of foot traffic on the roof. I know foot traffic might sound funny, but sometimes people choose to use their roof space as an extra social space which would mean more wear and tear.


Answered: 2019-07-13 17:17:31

A maintained foam roof can and will last you at least 25 years. However, if you tend to take care of problems as they crop up and ensure that your roof isn’t receiving too much sun (or opt for what’s basically a roof ‘sunscreen’) the foam will last for years and you will be happy with your purchase.


Answered: 2019-07-15 01:18:51

I’m pretty sure that a foam roof will last at least 30 years, but it may last upwards of 35 if you actually take care of it and follow the installer’s maintenance recommendations. Also, the roof might not last as long if the weather where you live is really harsh, especially super hot conditions or constantly sunny weather. It may be nice to live in, but that kinda weather is definitely not good for your roof!


Answered: 2019-07-13 19:50:25

As long as your roof is installed correctly and you don’t have crazy weather conditions or too much sun, you can probably expect it to last around 35-40 years. However, if your installer screws up or you completely fail to maintain it, drop that number to about 20 years.

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