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an you power wash a metal roof

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  5. an you power wash a metal roof
Asked: 2019-09-19 01:12:05
We are doing a big spring cleaning project and I need to know if you can power wash a metal roof? My concern is I'll damage some of the metal roof seams and cause a problem with water or snow or ice or actually anything that falls on to the metal roof.


Answered: 2019-09-19 12:59:04

No you shouldn't attempt to do this yourself. I don't know how many people think they can hose off or power wash their metal flat roof and number one its dangerous and number two you don't get anywhere near the dirt that's left on your metal flat roof if you do it yourself. The powerwasher may also dent your metal or cause corroded areas to sustain even worse damage. There are other more productive ways to clean your flat metal roof. description.


Answered: 2019-09-20 11:20:06

You can powerwash your flat metal roof but you should exercise extreme caution and I would use a professional because they use their hot water pressure washer with a 40 degree tip you probably don't have. You also want to use only a very low pressure as metal roofs require only low pressure when you clean them. You can do this with a 12 volt but use a lader and safety harness if you're doing it yourself as its very dangerous and slippery when wet. description.


Answered: 2019-09-20 04:57:47

Absolutely you can do powerwashing on your metal roof. However, I would only do so with a professional powerwash cleaning company because they know how to clean your roof safely. Anytime you're on a metal roof with water you are in a very slippery situation and the risk isn't worth what you get from having a clean metal roof. Most professional metal roof cleaners also use a gentle detergent to clean any debris on your roof without stripping any coating. You never want any residue left on your roof as it interferes with how long the metal roof will last. description.


Answered: 2019-09-19 03:01:52

It depends on what kind of metal roof you have as to whether or not you can powerwash it. The best way to clean a metal roof if its a flat metal is to remember its very slippery when it gets completely saturated. But if your metal has some rooves in it you can use a chemical in your powerwash that helps with walking on the roof. You shouldn't walk on the rooves without the chemical and no matter what you should only powerwash from a ladder and not while standing on the roof. description.


Answered: 2019-09-20 09:34:45

Our realtor told us no way should we ever powerwash our flat metal roof. That's because when the roof of the house had obviously been pressure washed the inspector knows your roof has lost years of coverage for your home. Unpainted metal flat roofs are made to metals oxidize with the weather and naturally rust in a way that protects the underlying non-oxidized metal. If you take the oxidization away you're removing the protection. description.

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