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how many clay roof tiles per square meter

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  5. how many clay roof tiles per square meter
Asked: 2019-04-26 21:45:33
Next up on our list of home improvement projects is redoing our clay roof. Ours is so old and falling apart so it's time for a fresh start. What I'm trying to figure out is what's the standard number of clay roof tiles needed per square meter? Our house is 1,000 square meters if that helps. I just need to know what I'm doing and I need to make sure the measurements are right.


Answered: 2019-04-27 06:12:28

Concrete roof tiles are the best roofing material in my personal opinion. I think you should plan on needing around 10 roof tiles per square meter, but you can confirm this is correct with your chosen roofer. Keep in mind that there are some best practices and widely accepted guidelines for installing and maintaining this type of roof, especially if you live in an area prone to bad weather. These guidelines are provided by FEMA,


Answered: 2019-04-27 00:08:04

Ooh, I want to say the magic number is right around 13. I think this could vary slightly depending on which specific clay tiles you're using, but generally speaking its right around there. It's been a few years since we did our roofing project, but I think we had about 13,000 concrete tiles all up when it was said and done. That was for our 1,000 square meter house. Hopefully that makes sense for you!


Answered: 2019-04-27 06:44:57

We are working on a roofing project in a similar size and scope to yours at the moment. Think of this way: you need about 10 roof tiles give or take per square meter, and you have a 1,200 square foot home. If you multiply 1,200 by 10, you get 12,000. I think that's a solid figure to start at in terms of how many concrete roof tiles you need to get the job done.


Answered: 2019-04-28 02:49:14

how many concrete roof tiles per square meter


Answered: 2019-04-28 03:54:06

I feel you, I'm no good at math at all and having incorrect measurements for this wouldn't be any good. Luckily I looked it up and the consensus seems to be 10 or so concrete tiles are needed per square meter, as these tiles are slightly larger. Of course I would confirm this with a roofing professional or even someone at a nearby hardware store before you move ahead with it.


Answered: 2019-04-28 07:36:26

I love clay tiles! I think they are one of the best roofing materials out there. When we did our roof two years ago it was 13 clay tiles per square meter, but maybe that would be slightly different for you depending on the tiles you're using and what not. I found that the U.S. General Services Administration


Answered: 2019-04-27 12:48:22

I would recommend you hire a roofing contractor to help you with this project, including measuring how many of your chosen clay tiles will be needed to complete a square meter, and then from there how many clay tiles you need totally. If you try and do it by yourself you may find that it created way more headaches then it's worth. There's no sense commiting to a big project if you don't have the right experience or a professional team by your side to help you. I learned this by struggling to do an entire roofing project by myself as a novice!


Answered: 2019-04-28 20:55:54

That's cool that you're working on a roofing project, and it's also a good thing that you're double checking your measurements before moving forward. I learned this mistake the hard way, as we didn't have enough concrete tiles per square meter when we were putting the roof on our garage. Anyway, I think the pretty standard measurement is around 8 to 10 per square meeter, but I would confirm that with your roofing contractor just to be safe.


Answered: 2019-04-27 18:02:47

Oh concrete roof tiles - I remember when we did our roofing project five years ago. These tiles caused quite the headache for us because we didn't have enough to fill the square meter measurement accurately. I think it should be around 10 tiles per square meter but this may change depending on the structure of your tile and your roof. I hope that helps you a bit


Answered: 2019-04-27 08:47:42

Hey Jacey, sounds like a cool project you'll be working on soon. While the number may vary slightly depending on the specific clay tiles you're using, I think it's safe to say that 13 is a pretty normal number. I would double check with your roofer or whoever is leading the project to make sure, but it should be right around there. Best of luck, hope your project goes well and you get the roof you want!


Answered: 2019-04-28 05:40:38

Roofing contractors will be there for you every step of the way as you pursue this project. If I were you I would get in touch with them right now so that you can sort out exactly how many clay tiles you may need. I reckon the number will be around 13, but the best thing about hiring local roofers is that you can confirm all this information with them and trust that they know what they're doing and talking about.

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