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how much does a concrete roof tile weigh

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  5. how much does a concrete roof tile weigh
Asked: 2019-07-02 08:10:18
After a meeting with the roofers I discovered that the tile roof I wanted was going to weigh a lot. I guess I didn’t think about that aspect of my new roof. What are the benefits of concrete tiles if they weigh so much


Answered: 2019-07-04 01:34:28

Before telling your contractor you want to tile your roof it is important to understand the difference in clay and concrete tiles. Concrete tiles are a less costly choice and can save you some money in the future. After taking a look at I learned all about clay and concrete tiles.


Answered: 2019-07-04 08:20:24

Roof tiles have actually been around for hundreds of years. In different parts of the world they are the go- to option. It is perfectly safe to use tiles as roof on your home. They will not cause structural damage. For the best advice check out this website, description, for more information


Answered: 2019-07-02 11:55:58

Concrete roof tiles are heavy. They can weigh anywhere between nine to 12 pounds. With that information you will need to contact a professional to assess your home’s roof structure. In my findings, this article was a great help to me. It is description. They have a great chart that shows the specs for all roofing materials.


Answered: 2019-07-02 13:00:08

Concrete roof tiles are a great option! Yes, they do weigh a lot and I discovered in my research at description that there are many benefits of them being so heavy. The weight increases their durability and energy efficiency. It is also what causes them to last so long.


Answered: 2019-07-03 08:28:47

Just because you have an older home does not mean you can't have a concrete tile roof. This is not a DIY job so I suggest that you contract a professional roofing company. They will need to make some assessments. In this article, , you can get a lot of useful information.

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