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how much does a foam roof cost

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  5. how much does a foam roof cost
Asked: 2019-06-25 17:25:31
I’m in dire need of a new roof for my commercial building. Although I am looking into all of my options, I am mostly considering a foam roof. I don’t want to spend an exceedingly high amount but I know that roofs are expensive in general, so I’m expecting a fairly high number. With that said, can anyone give me an idea of how much these types of roofs cost?


Answered: 2019-06-25 19:37:12

You can estimate that a foam roof will cost you around $6000 no matter how much area there is to cover. However, that cost might go to $7000 if your roof is super steep. You’re mostly paying for someone’s labor, not the actual cost of the materials so I wouldn’t worry about how big your roof is.


Answered: 2019-06-26 09:55:08

The cost of a foam roof will vary a bit depending on the size of your roof as well as the slope and pitch. Most of the time, it costs around $2.50 to $3 per square foot for a one-inch layer of foam. But again, the total cost will vary widely based on how much area you need to cover. You can further investigate possible costs by checking here: description


Answered: 2019-06-26 07:30:07

It’s hard to say what the cost of a foam roof would be. I feel like many contractors add random factors like the weather to determine the cost because their workers don’t really care for working in extreme heat. Given that, the baseline price should be no more than a couple dollars per square foot.


Answered: 2019-06-27 11:40:07

Your cost will depend on how many square feet the roof is. Most foam roofs cost about $200 to $350 per roofing square which is one hundred square feet. This rate may or may not be a flat rate depending on who your contractor is and how they charge based on the slope and pitch of the roof.


Answered: 2019-06-27 09:33:07

Unfortunately, there aren’t “average-sized” roofs. This means that the cost will vary widely based on how big your roof is along with a few other variables. Generally speaking, a foam roof is probably one of the less expensive options to go with and is relatively easy to maintain which is something i’d keep in mind when calculating the cost.

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