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how to replace flat roof felt

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  5. how to replace flat roof felt
Asked: 2019-05-18 05:53:50
Need help on a roofing question since I've never really had to do this before. Never had to. How do you guys replace a flat roof felt? It's totally confusing and doesn't make any sense to me when I research this on my own. Thanks!


Answered: 2019-05-18 21:19:27

I was researching this for you when I stumbled upon this site description which tells people how to replace flat roof felt. You can start by measuring everything to make sure you have enough felt for three layers. You can remove the felt you have by pulling it off. Pull out any nails or staples. Cut felt the length of your roof and lay it down with an overhang of 2 inches. Tack it with staples or nails every 6 inches. Then, overlap the next piece by 2 inches or so. And continue until roof is covered and then do the second layer but cut this one in half lengthwise to create a waterproof barrier and use construction adhesive to stick to first layer and keep overlapping. Then, you can apply the third layer like you did the second one but without have to cut them in half.


Answered: 2019-05-18 08:06:46

You can replace flat roof felt by removing the old one and figuring out how much material you need. The, you can begin by cutting the felt by the length of your roof and placing it down with a 2 inch overhang and nailing it down. Then, you can overlap each one until the first layer is finished. Then, you can do the second layer by the same lengths but cutting them in half so you can have a waterproof barrier. But you will need to use construction adhesive for the second layer. And then the third layer is applied but you don’t have to cut in half but you will need to use same adhesive to stick.


Answered: 2019-05-18 14:43:02

You need to apply three layers of felt to your flat roof. The first layer needs to be nailed or stampled, but for the second and third, you should use construction adhesive. You should also overlap each felt by 2 inches and the second layer should be cut in half since it will help create a waterproof barrier.


Answered: 2019-05-20 00:45:42

You can cut the felt lengthwise of your roof and place the first one on and stample or nail it down with 2 inch overhang. Then, you can overlap each one after that by 2 inches and then apply second layer with construction adhesive but this one you also need to cut them in half lengthwise to help with waterporoofing. You also have to add third layer but you don’t have to cut them in half but you need to use construction adhesive.

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