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how much do clay roof tiles cost

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  5. how much do clay roof tiles cost
Asked: 2019-09-07 14:45:54
I was told that it’s time for a new roof and I must agree. I’m looking for a material that will look nice and be relatively budget-friendly. I love the look of clay tile roofs but can’t seem to get an estimated cost. Does anyone have an idea of how much a clay tile roof will run?


Answered: 2019-09-08 22:40:47

Depending on the type of clay tiles you want to use, you can expect to pay $10-18 per square foot. However, the type of clay tile isn’t the only varying factor: you must take into account the size of your roof. Chances are, you will pay $25,000 on the very low end or up to $50,000 on the high end. The best way to estimate how much your roof will cost is to plug in the information here: description or to simply ask a professional.


Answered: 2019-09-09 01:04:55

Generally, clay tile roofs are super cheap to install. I don’t really know the cost but i heard my dad say that our new roof is going to be clay tiles and it was probably going to cost around $15,000. He’s a contractor so he’s probably right.


Answered: 2019-09-07 16:03:32

I think all roofs are expensive no matter what materials you use. However, it goes without saying that some materials are going to cost more than others. Clay tiles are one of those materials that cost more. You do get what you pay for though. That roof will last you forever. You’ll probably get tired of looking at it before you actually need a new one.


Answered: 2019-09-09 09:36:24

Clay roofs aren’t cheap dude. Seriously, expect to come out of pocked like $30k cause the materials are expensiveeeee! I will say this though, they definitely are built to last and are super easy to maintain. So yea, you pay a lil more upfront but you can expect to have a nice roof for a long time.


Answered: 2019-09-08 10:54:24

Clay tile roofs are not known to be the cheapest option. How big your roof is will determine a huge portion of the total cost. It isn’t unheard of to pay $25,000-30,000 for a new clay tile roof and a higher price is possible.

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