Seven Different Ways The Color of Your Roof Make a Difference

When you are getting a new roof, it can be quite an exciting purchase for your home. Getting a new roof sometimes takes careful consideration of what type of tile you need to use or what color the tile should be. Did you know the color of your roof can make a statement? Sometimes the color of your roof needs to fit in with your neighborhood rules and regulations. No matter what you need to factor into getting a new roof, there are seven different ways the color of your roof makes a difference to your cost and home benefits.

Dark Roofs Keep in Heat, and Light Roofs Deflect the Sun

It is the dark color of your roof shingles that will help warm your home and affects the temperature in your attic. Sometimes that effect can be anywhere between 20 degrees to 40 degrees warmer. The same holds true with keeping your house cooler when you use light shingles that help deflect sunlight.

In California, all roofs must be Title-24 compliant, which is energy efficient. On new construction, roofers have to use radiant barrier sheathing as your roof deck. When you are re-roofing a home, you can use Title-24 compliant or bring your attic insulation up to R-38 code, which is 13 inches of loose-fill.

Color Coordination with Your Home

When you use a roof tile that has a color found elsewhere on your house like the stucco, or trim, you set up a color coordination win. The matching color schemes between your window shutters and the tiles on your roof give your home dream-like color coordination. For instance, brown shingles look amazing with roof tiles that are cream and brown.

It’s always good to remember dark colors make your home look cozy and smaller. Light colors on your roof make your home look more open and larger. Many people want their roof material color coordination to blend in harmoniously with their natural surroundings.

Gives Your Home Curb Appeal with Higher Resale Value

A roof color that blends in harmoniously with the natural environment around it can give your home more curb appeal. Up to 40% of your home’s exterior is the visual you give to everyone who passes by it. You should be paying as much attention to how your roof looks from the curb as how your interior design is rated by people who come inside your home.

The higher the pitch or slope of your roof, the more roof shingles passing people see from the street. Color has a psychological effect, and if your home is on the beach where calming waves of stillness and water is what you seek, you may not want a roof sloping towards you in bright purple. Curb appeal is important in the communities in which the home is located. Curb appeal can sometimes be what makes or breaks a home selling so choose wisely.

Highlighting Your Homes Features is a Win-Win

If your home has a wrap-around porch, you want everyone to notice and appreciate it. But sometimes, people can look right at a house and not notice something as extraordinary as a wrap-around porch. If you highlight the wrap-around porch with complimentary roof colors, you create a showcase that attracts the eye. Your roof colors should contrast with the porch or window trim to make the wrap-around porch pop.

If you have any stone on your home, you never want to distract from the stone and masonry with a patterned roof. Instead, you want a dark, neutral color that plays on the variances of colors contained within the stonework of your home.

Architectural Style and Accentuating Colors

Your roofs accentuating colors should flow into the architectural style of your home. Ranch houses that are close to the ground typically look better with a combination of colors to help make it pop. Colonial homes are more reserved and traditional, so one solid color is better for their roof design.

Design Your Roof Shingles and Make a Statement

When you’re ready to make a statement to others about your home, you don’t need to look any further than creating a design into your roof shingles. This can be as simple as alternating different warm colors. You might want to raise it a notch, and try to scallop or layer your roof alterations. A rule of thumb is high-contrast colors highlight features of your home while low-contrast colors hide the exterior flaws.

You can design your roof shingles and make a statement with the color through the type of material you use for your roof. Clay, slate, and wood shingle roofs add a unique look to a home with wonderful personality. But slate and clay can break easily. Always be aware of the good and the bad of your unique color roofing designs.

Last, But Not Least – Customize

Customize your roof and make your home one of a kind. There is a virtually limitless variety of colors and profiles you can pick from for your roofing style and color. To create the sophistication you seek, you can order custom levels of color with a gloss or shine added to it. You can use new technology and produce two-tone, variegated colors.

Every roof is different, and no matter what material you use on your roof, or color you choose, before you hire anyone, get to know the dimensions and issues of your roof. If you have a sloped roof or need your new roof to deal with all the dormers and skylights you have, you want to make sure you include that information when you’re speaking to roofing companies.

You also want to know your roof’s square footage. Knowing what you want to do with your roof and what color or design you want is a good place to start. Everyone needs a bit of peace and mind when it comes to replacing or building a new roof. To find out more information about the different ways the color of your roof makes a difference to your home’s value, find a professional close to you and make them your go-to company.

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